The Original Dog Adventure Camp


The ruff life.

Want your dog to be a happy camper? Let them go Wild.

Bored dogs can exhibit behaviors such as chewing, licking, anxiety and more. Dogs Gone Wild alleviates boredom and lets dogs get their zoomies out through well-rounded experiences that let them enjoy the Bend lifestyle, use different senses and socialize with other dogs. This could lead to calmer, happier and more focused pooches. Which leads to a happier, more relaxed you.

Read on to see which doggie day camp suits your canine companion:

Your Dog is Going to Love You for This.

The Original Adventure Camp

Ready for an adventure that’s off the leash? These 90-minute outings are high-energy and moderate-to-fast-paced. Your dog will enjoy a variety of obstacles, including elevation changes and varied terrain for a real doggie workout. Perfect for young, athletic breeds and high-energy dogs that require lots of stimulation. Pick-up & drop-off included.

90 Minutes $35. Each Additional Dog $20

Senior Camp

Specially designed for older, less playful and less energetic dogs, Senior Camps are slower-paced and relaxed for 60 minutes of pure joy. Pickup & drop-off included.

60 Minutes $25. Each Additional Dog $15

Solo Camps

Some dogs are born to run (or walk) alone. And that’s okay! Solo Camps offer one-on-one outings for the independent pooch.

60 Minutes $35. Each Additional Dog $20
90 Minutes $50. Each Additional Dog $20

Overnight Care and Boarding

While you’re away, your dog can play! This home away from home is a safe and loving environment complete with toys, balls, hikes (if desired)—even doggie pools and sprinklers, as weather permits.

$60 per Night (Camps Included), Each Additional Dog $30